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You can now go to my RedBubble page and get my art on phone cases, tote bags, pillows and more!
Food-le Doodle of the day
Currently (always) obsessed with sweets & bats!
Little painting of the day ♥ 

Thank you to everyone who’s following me  So surprised to find my halloween pattern already has 215 notes! Am I famous now?

I’m going to try to upload work more frequently, and in the meantime don’t forget to check out my blog where I share my inspiration and daily life shenanigans :)

Somebody said they’d like the pattern on a dress, so I made a little mock up :D
A fun little collage n.n
Halloween pattern by Prouddaydreamer
The letter ‘L’ (of the word ‘illustration) made out of sushi I designed and painted for a mural
We Make A Good Pear by Proud Daydreamer